A Glimpse – Short Story Part 1


A Glimpse
A Short Story
From notwithoutmymorningcoffee.com


There He sat, the Father, on His throne.  Always on His throne.  The throneAnd yet, He was and is and will always be everywhere, omnipresent God.  The Father looked over the entire world, the world He created, and all within it.

Hearts broken.  Children starving.  Sin rampant.  People once following Him, now turned away from Him.  His heart quenched in pain, tears ran down His face as His heart bore the pain of the world.  He, the Father, wept.
Sunday morning was coming, the remnant of His people would be joining together soon.

All over the world believers were beginning to joined together to worship.  The Father’s heart grieved for the ones He saw that would not connect to Him.  The ones that did not know Him.  The ones that had a form of godliness but denied the power He had for them.

And His heart filled with joy for the ones who would truly meet with Him.

Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

Luke rose early Sunday morning, got ready for Church, he read his Bible as he ate his breakfast and leisurely drank his black cup of coffee.  He glanced at his watch.

7:45 am.

30 minutes until he had to leave.  He switched the song on his Iphone to one they would be doing that morning, he hummed along and drummed his hands on the table as he finished up.

Lord come this morning, meet with your people, may it not be just another Sunday morning.  Heal the broken hearted.  He prayed.  Bring restoration among Your people.  Heal broken hearts, restore marriages, I hunger and thirst for You, Lord, do miracles today.

Luke grabbed his drumsticks and keys, took one last look in the mirror to fix his hair, and headed out the door.

The alter and the door by Casting Crowns played on the radio, Luke rolled down his window and drummed his fingers on his stirring wheel.

Luke thought about his final year at University finishing up his studies to become an architect and where that might take him.  He thought about his upcoming missions trip to Honduras, where he would spend six weeks helping design and build an orphanage there along with a construction team, plumbers, electricians and the locals.  He was the only one to be going for the whole six weeks, meeting up with his older brother, James who was a local missionary there with his wife Kathryn.

He parked his old, rusted, dark blue Honda Civic, and headed inside, whistling as he went.

Luke was the first one there, other than Rick and Julie, the worship leaders.

“Morning!”  Rick called from behind the sound board where he was making some adjustments.  “You ready for your big trip Luke?”

“Man, I am so ready, just one week left!”  Luke said as he made his way to the drums.

Julie was setting up their son, Evan, and daughter, Holly with some colouring and toys until Julie’s sister would arrive to take over watching them about half way through practice.  Evan was 4, Holly, 7.  “We’re going to miss you around here, I think Rick is scared your brother is going to steal you away from us,” she said with a laugh, but with a bit of uncertainty on her face.

Luke laughed too, “It’s just for the summer this time, I have a year of school to finish up here, don’t forget.”

“Uh-huh”, Julie and Rick said in unison, sharing a look.

Luke just shook his head, settled himself behind the drums, adjusted the Aviom to set the volume levels for his in ear monitor.

In just five years the church had grown to just over three hundred and fifty people.  They were desperately in need of a new building, and they were about two thirds of the way to meeting their building fund so they could begin building.  Luke had been honoured when Pastor Kurt had suggested he help the hired architect.  Until the new building would be finished, the children would come and praise in the alter until Sunday school started so that more seats would be open for the adults staying in the service.

6 years ago this church wasn’t even here.  Luke thought, 6 years ago I was just riding on my parents coat tails with no relationship with God of my own.

But it hadn’t taken long for the presence of God to turn his whole world upside down when he was just a teenager.  It had been just in time, had he not made some changes in his life, Luke knew he would not be graduating university in just a year or going on missions trips.  Most of his friends had dropped out of college because of drugs.

The rest of the worship team began to arrive, the bass player, Dan, lead guitarist, Alec, vocalists Peter, Danielle, Samantha and violinist Melissa.

Julie settled in behind the keyboard, set her iPad out for her music, and gave a stern warning to Holly and Evan who had begun a game of chase.  As the children resumed their places on the floor, he with cars, she with her colouring book, Rick opened up with prayer.

“Lord thank for this day, thank you for each person that will fill this place this morning as we join together to worship you.  Bless our Pastor today as he brings the word this morning, and we pray that the word would fall on good ground in our hearts and all who come today.  Bless this practice, and use us today as we minister unto You and Your people.  In Jesus name,” they all joined in for, “Amen!”

Rick got them started with a new song from Bethel, and they proceeded to go through the songs on the list, one by one.

“Alright guys, let’s go over Just One Touch, the Soulfire Revolution song we did last week,” Julie spoke into her mic, “Then we will break for prayer.”

The first time they sang it, it was practice.  The second time they ran through it, an encounter began.

From the corner of his eye he saw Danielle go to her knees.

Julie brought it back to the verse and sang

                         My heart is longing for You, God
                         My heart is desperate for You
                         My soul is reaching for You, God
Hear my cry for You…

Luke felt the Holy Spirit take over his hands, and the sound became something from heaven, and Luke felt as though it were someone else playing.  Alec caught his eye from where he played his guitar, and Luke knew he felt it to.

The song became a prayer.

He watched as Michelle had tears going down her face, and she finally gave up playing her violin and simply raised her hands and worshipped.

Julie signaled for the chorus;

                       Just one touch, and I’ll be healed
                      Just one touch, and I’ll be free…

Everyone of the team felt it.  And there were always people there early for service, but usually they fellowshipped.

But today, no one visited.

People were on their knees.

People had their hands raised, tears going down their faces.

And little four-year-old Evan stood hands stretched toward Heaven, eyes shut so tight.

And right then Luke felt like he could see God, the Father, sitting on His throne, watching.  Feeling delight in His people.  Feeling the pain, feeling anticipation, feeling love beyond any love he could ever imagine.

As Luke drummed, he prayed for all those that would worship together, all those who had needs and who carried burdens.

God, am I getting a glimpse of Your heart?  Luke asked silently.

And he knew he was.

They didn’t break for prayer.  They didn’t break at all.  They just continued onto the service.

People were healed, and there were even a few salvations.

Luke would never forget that day.  When band practice wasn’t just practice.

But practice was the day he saw just a glimpse of the Father heart of God.


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A Glimpse Part 2 Luke In Honduras Preview:

A rooster crowed followed by the sound of what had to have been at least half a dozen dogs fighting over their breakfast.

Luke groaned and reached for his watch.

5:08 am.

His eyes felt sticky as he pried them open.  Having arrived at his brother’s home in Hondorus late the night before, he had hoped for a bit of time to sleep in.

“3:08 back home,” he spoke to the ceiling,”nothing like an early start to the day!”  And he jumped out of bed, forgetting in darkness of the room that he was in a bunk bed, and fell to the ground from the top bunk, waking his roommate and good friend, Jake Reynolds…continue reading





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