Got CASH?!

Do you use cash?  I usually have a bit on hand, at least one bill and some change.

Today?  I didn’t have even a quarter.

So there we were, me and my three year old, downtown for an appointment relying on debit and credit, but I might as well have left those at home because today they were no good to me.

After my son did well at his appointment, I promised him a treat – chocolate milk and a small bag of chips… not the healthiest choice, but notice I said treat.

So off we went to get his treat, and the lady tells me I have to spend a certain amount to use my debit… first time I had heard that at this location, I guess I usually use cash there.  She asked me how much cash I had, of course I had one maybe two pennies… which was hilarious in my situation since pennies are officially useless in Canada.

The lady behind me in line buying a simple coffee insisted on buying J’s treat, even though I was ready to buy more items to meet the minimum requirement to use my debit card, or even telling J we would get him a treat on the way home instead.  So she pulled out her change, and paid.  J and I thanked her, and sat down for him to enjoy his snack.

I was sitting there thinking how nice it was to come across this random kindness, thinking about how their is hope for humanity after all and how I really should blog about this when I get home.

As J finished his treat, I pulled out my credit card and parking slip so I could easily pay once we got to the parking garage.

We walked together, me thinking how cute he was, and how tall at almost 4 he is.

He was probably in his nothing box, enjoying the rest of his snack.

I get to the machine to pay for parking.  And it wouldn’t take my credit card.

I’m not making this up people, I could hardly believe it.

I pulled out my debit.


I pulled out another credit card.


Oh. my. goodness.  Not AGAIN!!!!

I looked in my wallet at my two pennies… they mocked me…

There were people waiting behind me, the elevator J had scored for us came and went, and there we stood.  Cash-less.  Again.

A kind gentleman behind me tried to help, but the card reader was not working on the machine.  And I have used this parking machine many times… why today?  The day when I have no cash on me?

Thank you kind stranger, this gentleman pulled out his change and paid for my parking.

I thanked him many times over, we shared an elevator up to the 8th floor with him and his group.  I told him God Bless you, J and I turned to the car and started to drive out of the parking garage.

At this point I was blown away – I mean to be shown kindness by not one but TWO strangers in a matter of fifteen minutes?!

I thanked the Lord, felt a little embarrassed, but really I saw His hand in it, He looked after my son and I, and even though the total spent on us was about six dollars total, it might as well have been a hundred dollars, I was so grateful.

So thank you to the two strangers today who stepped in and helped me out.  I don’t know if this post will ever get to either of you, but I pray you will be blessed ten times over for the kindness you showed my son and I today.

PS – I stopped at the bank on the way home.  I have CASH!!

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