Brothers | Monkey See Monkey Do

I’m putting off dishes and laundry at the moment, so I thought I’d spend a little time on the blog.

I’ve had a lot of fun lately watching my boys together.  They are 3 and a year and a half.  These two belly laugh all the time – they play hard, even wrestle, until one inevitably whines that the other played a bit too hard.  Then before you know you know it the two of them are goofing off again.  Oh the fun.

My husband has three brothers and seeing their bond is pretty awesome.  I also have three sisters, so I get the bond to some degree, but boys are a different breed… am I right ladies?

Like how sometimes my 3 year old dives off the coach.  His favourite nursery rhyme right now is Humpty Dumpty.  And he loves to reenact in.  Whether with blocks and toy eggs or him acting as Humpty Dumpty falling off the “wall” or whatever he can jump off.

So here I am, coming from having no brothers, just three sisters, raising these two sweet, adorable, fun, rough and tumble boys.  Not sweet and dainty like I think my sisters and I were.

I love listening to Lisa Bevere talk about her four boys, and how being a mom of boys is.  She actually says in her new series Moms of Men that you’re not really a MOB (mom of boys) until you have three.  My house is crazy just having two, I totally get that it’s crazier the more you have, but it’s hard to picture.  Until my vision doubles.  Then I can see it a bit.

But you know I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’m learning to let them get dirty, play in the mud outside, that sort of thing.  Even though inside I’m cringing about the mess and cleaning them up.  But you know life is so much more peaceful when I don’t fight it?  When I let them have their “man time” and let them explore.  And yes, then we have to scrub them down, maybe even call bath time, but they are happier, and I’m happier for it.

Now here’s the kicker to a new season in the life of a mother raising boys… MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO – everything my youngest sees his older bro doing, he has to do it too.  This just about has my heart doing palpitations sometimes.  Lord help me, give me wisdom and grace for this!  Oh my heart!

I think it’s time to finish reading Bringing Up Boys by Dr. Dobson.

Now were did I put that half read book anyway?  Oh wait, dishes and laundry first…


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