God’s Not Dead 2

If you haven’t seen it, you need to.

My favourite line of the movie was this: “Atheism doesn’t take away the pain, just the hope.”  That’s the truth.  (I hope I have that exactly right I’m going by memory).

Here’s a trailer for a teaser.  I wish it had the part when her students sing to her at her house… so moving!

I have to say I was a little surprised that Melissa Joan Hart (yes, she played Sabrina in Sabrina the teenage witch, no I didn’t really watch it).

But she was amazing in God’s Not Dead 2.  It had me teary, at times frustrated, excited…. I’m sure I wanted to throw something a dozen times.  I studied to be a Law Clerk in college (okay, okay, I only got halfway through before dropping out to do missions… best decision I made, but I won’t tell your kids, don’t worry).  Anyway, even with the limited background in law that I have, this movie got my law juices flowing.  I do actually quite like law, but I don’t like the paperwork which would have been the majority of my job as a law clerk (that’s a paralegal in the USA).

But I love movies and shows in the court room especially when good triumphs evil.

If you haven’t seen this movie, do it tonight!  I have already rented it twice on sony, so babe if you’re reading this, put this on my Christmas list.  First watched it with my man, cousin Tina and her hubby, followed by watching it again just over a week later for girls night with friends Amanda and Kayla… I loved this movie!!!  And I think I can speak for everyone I watched it with that they quite liked it too.  Probably even more so than the original God’s Not Dead movie, for me anyway.  Both are excellent though.

Alicia and April, thanks for the heads up on this one, it was so good!

Why are you still reading?  Go get this movie!

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