National Coffee Day

In lieu of National coffee day, cheers!


If you’re like me, you’re saying, “what?  there’s a day for that?  I thought that was everyday??”

My mom and I enjoyed an amazing cup of coffee at my lovely friend Kate’s house this morning.  Along with very yummy almond croissants from my favourite bakery.  And the kids played together peacefully and contentedly… what a great morning!  At Kate’s they add cinnamon to theirs as it brews, it honestly tastes like Christmas morning.

Now I don’t usually blog about coffee in and of itself… I do usually have a cup first thing in the morning, I love holding that warm mug in my hands and take two sips before the boys need me for something, take another sip before the phone rings, another sip before… well you get the picture.  And often rewarming that cup happens before I get to finish it.

And then I repeat that whole process when I have another cup later in the day…

In all honesty, I do prefer a good home brewed cup of coffee… unless I’m out on a hot date with my hunky man, in which case, a latte is in order.  French vanilla half sweet latte?  Yum.  I also had a very tasty sweet and spicy latte earlier this week that I would definitely order again.


But I’m not beyond a run to Tim Hortons.  I am Canadian, after all.

With a blog called “Not Without My Morning Coffee” you’d think I would know National Coffee day… well, I didn’t.  Didn’t even know one existed, and apparently there were deals!  Nobody told me until my sister text a moment ago to say in a family text, “hey, happy coffee day”…

So in breaking one of my own rules and blogging about something a bit… mundane??  Here it is.

Happy National Coffee day!


One thought on “National Coffee Day

  1. I look forward to a good cup of coffee everyday and more than one! Love starting my day that way and I love having my coffee with my time with the Lord …… Coffee and time with Jesus first thing ….. It doesn’t get much better than that ….. It sets a happy tone for the rest of the day and love sharing coffee times with our daughters and with people I love! Precious times and making great memories!! I loved this topic and it’s not mundane!! Love Mom!!


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