What Will You Look Like November 9th, America?

November 8th is fast approaching, the day when the next American President will be elected.  Most Americans have likely already made their decision by this point.  And those minds cannot be easily changed no matter what political campaigns come up with, what the media promotes, what accusations they make.  And there seems to be a lot of accusations all over the place.  You just have to watch Fox News or CNN for five minutes to find that out.

In October 2015 we Canadians voted as you Americans will be doing in just over a week.  I was shocked that Stephen Harper wasn’t reelected. To me he was the ideal, the obvious choice.  Great family values, really brought our country’s financial security into a more comfortable place (his specialty is economics), I appreciated his views on life beginning at conception.   Continue reading “What Will You Look Like November 9th, America?”

Can I Please Have My Life Back?

There are times in our lives when things just feel out of control.  When it seems as though no matter what you do, how much you plan, or even how much you pray, things just are not turning out the way we planned.  Small everyday things that can just be stressful to big things that can shake you, sometimes shatter you.

In these times it can be hard to trust.  To trust in God’s promises, to trust in His goodness, to trust that He really is right next to us.

But He is.  He’s right there with you.

It’s hard in these times to “Rejoice Always” and  “in everything give thanks”… but yet if we really search, there is always something to be thankful for. Continue reading “Can I Please Have My Life Back?”

7 Reasons I love Christmas|4 Reasons to Start Early

Sometimes we need something wonderful to look forward to.  So although it is October 21st, I have determined that getting ready for Christmas has begun at our house.

I know, I know, some of you are groaning, “Not another one of those people…” you’re saying.  And others are saying, “Yes!  The countdown is on!  I love SNOW!  I love CHRISTMAS!  It’s my FAVOURITE!”

For awhile now Christmas has stressed me out.  First Christmas in December.  Then a birthday in January, then one in February and then TWO in March… that’s just in our immediate family alone.  So, all things considered, I think starting Christmas prep in October is just the ticket.

7 Reasons I Love Christmas

Continue reading “7 Reasons I love Christmas|4 Reasons to Start Early”

Blueberry Pear Smoothie

We make this smoothie several times a week – some weeks almost everyday… it’s a great way to get your… self (you thought I was going to say kids didn’t you?) to get fruit in every morning!  And for the kids too…


This recipe makes 2 regular size servings, but usually I pour it into 3 kid size cups, one for me, one for each of the kids.  It’s our favourite, mild and tasty flavour.  My son won’t eat a smoothie now unless it’s purple… trying to tell a three year old that it’s blueberries is useless since he doesn’t actually eat blueberries.  Normally.  Thank you smoothie! Continue reading “Blueberry Pear Smoothie”

What’s Stealing Your Peace| 10 Steps to Getting it Back

Do you walk in peace everyday, all day?  Once you’ve found that peace, do you stay in that peace?  Have you ever really, truly, experienced real inner peace?

Well, if you struggle to stay in peace consistently, this post is for you.  I really hope I can get this out the way God has given it to me.

Life is real.  Let’s face it.  Everyone faces trials in their lives, everyone faces hardship, everyone has hurts and regrets.  Some are big, some are small.  But we all have them.  Who are we to judge if someone is in more or less pain than the next?  Only God really knows what goes on in hearts and minds.


We must show compassion to one another.  Which means we must be HEALED.  We cannot love completely while still hurting.  It’s been said, hurt people hurt people.  We need to come along side each other and carry one another through the hard times instead of judging.  Broken people need healing, love and compassion… Continue reading “What’s Stealing Your Peace| 10 Steps to Getting it Back”

The Little Things That Make Me Their Hero

Well, my two little guys have a few favourite toys… you know what I mean?

Cars and planes… go figure.  They also love trains, of course, but right now, cars and planes are where it’s at.  They both have some that are identical, which is AWESOME… until one of them misplaces theirs.  Insert sad, desperate face here.

This happened to us today.

(I’m trying to come up with snappy nicknames like I see in other blogs, until then they will be the one and three year old.  Sorry, not so original…)

So the one year old misplaced his car… and the three year old misplaced two of his planes. I mean, they are just dollar store planes, but Continue reading “The Little Things That Make Me Their Hero”

Blog Redesigned and Excited With the Result!

There was a time in my life (especially in my missions days) when I would hide away from website design, and all that.  I was about to name all the people I use to hide behind… I think there might be close to a dozen…  wish I would have taken that time to learn from them rather than hiding behind them lol.  Funny how life is like that sometimes.  I’m very excited about the new look of my blog.  Some may have noticed it already, as it’s been up for a few days now… 😉


But now that I’ve made blogging a part of my life, I can’t hide behind anyone.  I have had to learn things here and there, and it’s been stretching but also very rewarding. Continue reading “Blog Redesigned and Excited With the Result!”