The Little Things That Make Me Their Hero

Well, my two little guys have a few favourite toys… you know what I mean?

Cars and planes… go figure.  They also love trains, of course, but right now, cars and planes are where it’s at.  They both have some that are identical, which is AWESOME… until one of them misplaces theirs.  Insert sad, desperate face here.

This happened to us today.

(I’m trying to come up with snappy nicknames like I see in other blogs, until then they will be the one and three year old.  Sorry, not so original…)

So the one year old misplaced his car… and the three year old misplaced two of his planes. I mean, they are just dollar store planes, but the kid loves ’em.

I promised the three year old before tucking him that I would look for them while he slept, it was the only way to get the little guy to settle down.

They got to bed a bit late, as we had been at my folks for supper.

After kissing them goodnight and tip toeing out of their rooms (not really, my kids thankfully fall asleep on their own), I made a promise to myself that I would find these toys.  This conflict needed an end!

I moved the couch, looked through laundry, looked in cupboards, tried to think like a one and three year old… I was begin to feel like the woman in the Bible who lost her coin and searched and searched until she found it… and you know what?!  I found the planes!  Hidden on a shelf where my little preschooler had been playing a day before, and all that time, there it was.  Not lost.  But in plain sight.  Pun intended.  Yay the planes are found!

Onto the one year olds car… I still hadn’t found it after looking all over the place, and getting my parents to look all over their place, so I took a trip to the car… while hoping it wasn’t still at church from Sunday School.  Seriously, I was getting desperate.  Too many tears had been seen over this little car.

It was hidden in behind his carseat!  Yay!  We might just have a peaceful morning tomorrow!  These boys are going to think that I’m a major hero tomorrow.  And I totally am, I found the planes and the car…

Only now I can’t seem to find the 3 year olds car, the same one year old had lost.  Oyh vey.

But hey, they’ll show up in the morning… probably… and I’ll be the coolest mom ever for about five minutes.

Just like last week when the 3 year old vacuumed up a sock right as I was finishing vacuuming his bedroom…

But what a great feeling when I got the sock out, and he clapped, jumped up and down, “yay mommy!” he cried.

And when their little arms go around my neck and give me the biggest hug, I think I can do just about anything.

Even find missing cars and planes, and socks stuck in vacuums.

It doesn’t take much to be a hero to them.  It’s worth it every time.

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