Blueberry Pear Smoothie

We make this smoothie several times a week – some weeks almost everyday… it’s a great way to get your… self (you thought I was going to say kids didn’t you?) to get fruit in every morning!  And for the kids too…


This recipe makes 2 regular size servings, but usually I pour it into 3 kid size cups, one for me, one for each of the kids.  It’s our favourite, mild and tasty flavour.  My son won’t eat a smoothie now unless it’s purple… trying to tell a three year old that it’s blueberries is useless since he doesn’t actually eat blueberries.  Normally.  Thank you smoothie!

You can substitute the pear for a peach or nectarine, that also is pretty yummy.  I made this smoothie for my babies when they were probably around 8 months, I just made sure to peal the pear.

Enjoy!  Printable at the bottom.

1 Banana
1 Ripened Bartlett Pear (add a second one if you want to make a bit more)
1 Cup Frozen Blueberries
1 Cup (or a handful works) Spinach
1/4 Cup Yogurt (plain, vanilla, strawberry all work well)
1/3 Cup Apple Juice

Just add all the ingredients to the blender (break up the peeled banana and slice up the pear with skin on nice and small).


Be sure to rinse your blender and cups right after use or it will be a pain to wash later… learned that one… oyh…

I think I have made this 8 out the last 10 mornings, I buy most of these ingredients at costco now, we just go through so much of it.  Especially pears and blueberries.  Yummy and sooooo good for you.

My breakfast this morning… yum

Printable on my new recipe card below!



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