What Will You Look Like November 9th, America?

November 8th is fast approaching, the day when the next American President will be elected.  Most Americans have likely already made their decision by this point.  And those minds cannot be easily changed no matter what political campaigns come up with, what the media promotes, what accusations they make.  And there seems to be a lot of accusations all over the place.  You just have to watch Fox News or CNN for five minutes to find that out.

In October 2015 we Canadians voted as you Americans will be doing in just over a week.  I was shocked that Stephen Harper wasn’t reelected. To me he was the ideal, the obvious choice.  Great family values, really brought our country’s financial security into a more comfortable place (his specialty is economics), I appreciated his views on life beginning at conception.  

When our new leader was announced I realized something.  Not all Canadians are alike.  Not all Canadians are like me.  We don’t have all the same values, the same goals.  The majority of Canadians said “We want change”…. well, we got it.  We all have a voice, and the majorities voice was heard.

I pray for our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.  Regardless of whether I voted the Liberal party in or not, he is our leader, and although my heart grieves when decisions are made that are changing the moral compass of our nation, this is what Canada chose, and I will pray for him and his family.  I do also pray that decisions on Parliament Hill will be ones based on Christian values, the ones our country was founded on.  “He shall have dominion from sea to sea” (Psalm 72:8).

I watched a bit of a debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  It was entertaining, that’s for sure!  Other than that I won’t give my opinion… many have done that.  And I’m Canadian anyway, so who really cares what I think?

Who will you vote in November 8th America?  Will you make your voice heard?  There’s still time to do your research and to pray about this decision.


What will America look like November 9th?  Who will sit behind the desk of the Oval Office?

Maybe you’re thinking, “You’re Canadian it’s none of your business, what do you care?”  I care very much – we are next-door neighbours, America.  Your vote matters to me, your leader matters to me.  Your decision affects other nations.  America has been a very influential country.

I hope you will vote someone in that believes life begins at conception.  I hope you will vote someone in that values family.  I hope you will vote someone in who will put the right judges in your courts.  I hope you will vote someone in that will steer your country to a place where you are happy you are American, and you are at peace with raising your children there.

When November 9th comes, and you have a new President, whether you are happy with the outcome or not, I challenge you to honour him or her, to pray for him and her.

“In God we trust”, right?  Well, no matter who is in office, do you still trust Him?

I am praying for you, USA.  Make your voice heard, and elect someone who will value your voice, who will make America a better place.

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