Christmas Tree Fun

feelinglikechristmasMy almost 4 year old cannot contain himself.  He has been talking about Christmas for MONTHS and now the tree is up, and he CANNOT keep his hands off of it.

The almost 2 year old?  He’s pretty chill now, he actually listens when I say “no touch”… but the one I can usually reason with?  Ok, sometimes reason with?  Nope, he wants to play with the ornaments.  There’s a bird ornament, and he wants to pretend that the bird is eating the tree.  How do you explain to preschooler that a bird doesn’t eat the tree, but lives in the tree?  Oyh.

Anyway, after a week or two of wondering where we stored our tree (was it under the stairs? Or in the shed?  Or at my parents?) we found it last night.  Between the ornaments and the tree I think a bit was in all three places.   Continue reading “Christmas Tree Fun”

Rewind 15 Years|How Singing to Him Rescued Me

Rewind 15 Years, Give Or Take

Everyone deals with things differently.  As a teenager, I dealt with hurt and disappointments with anger.  At fourteen or fifteen I was hired for my first job, and it was a good one.  I probably should have stuck with it.  But, eventually I applied for a waitressing position at a local Chinese food restaurant.  I really loved that job… what I loved best about it was the menu, not gonna lie.  Yum.

At first I was told I would only have to work one Sunday a month… but it ended up being the exact opposite.  As in, only one Sunday a month off.  I didn’t really care at the time, however, since I didn’t really care to go to church at the time.

My parents have been in the ministry all my life.  But when I was in grade ten, my dad resigned from the church he was pastoring and took a position assisting his former assistant/youth pastor.  Pretty cool.  He’s been doing that now for almost fifteen years.

So back to fifteen year old me.  This was a time when I let my standards go in terms of movie watching and music listening.  I remember a specific movie I watched at a friend’s house – doesn’t matter what it was called, but it was a horror movie – I only watched for about 20 minutes.  At the time I had a bedroom in the basement, all by myself…

What is it about basements after watching scary movies?  Ohya, it’s the basement.  And the scary movie.  Right. Continue reading “Rewind 15 Years|How Singing to Him Rescued Me”

Bring It On Winter! But Please Be Kind

Winter truly seems to have begun here in eastern Canada.  Will it stay?  No one knows I guess, usually winter comes and goes, and last year we didn’t even have snow for Christmas.

Ben (that’s my hubby), came home from work yesterday with a sore back.  He looked liked an old man, so I took pity on him and convinced him that I really was capable of shovelling the drive way.  Between my dad and now Ben, I really haven’t had to shovel more than a handful of times… in my life.  He actually enjoys shovelling, or so he says…

Yes, I really am Canadian. Continue reading “Bring It On Winter! But Please Be Kind”

The Day I Used My Kitchen Aid All Day Long | Cinnamon Bun Teaser

Disclaimer: there are no recipes in this post, just a lot of teasers.

Last week I set a new record for myself of kitchen aid use.  First, a double batch of sugar cookies (which will be mostly frozen for Christmas), then a double batch of pizza dough to make stromboli (you have to try Lauren’s Latest fail proof pizza dough recipe) followed up by what is usually a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, but this time we used a variety of berries.

And then I whipped up a triple batch of caesar salad dressing (although I did this in a regular mixing bowl)… in addition to feeling like I was cooking/baking ALL day (yes, this was all in one day), I felt like I was doing dishes ALL DAY.  I guess I sort of was… Continue reading “The Day I Used My Kitchen Aid All Day Long | Cinnamon Bun Teaser”

Take Time to Remember | Pray For Our Troops

I’ve been encouraged this week to hear about what they are doing in schools to teach kids why they wear the poppy.  Why we remember.  At my cousin’s children’s school they made a wall of hero’s to display photos of current and past soldiers.  The children brought in these photos.  Love this!

Take time to remember today, but also take time to pray for those currently serving.  And for their families.

Years ago I was on a missions trip to Miami, on our way home we had a short layover in another airport, I think it was Atlanta, but I can’t be too sure.  As the team and I waited for our flight, there were two American soldiers sitting across from us.  One walked away for a moment, and I struck up conversation with the one still sitting.  Continue reading “Take Time to Remember | Pray For Our Troops”

A Glimpse – Part 2 | Luke In Honduras


(Click Here to Read A Glimpse Part 1)


A rooster crowed followed by the sound of what had to have been at least half a dozen dogs fighting over their breakfast.

Luke groaned and reached for his watch.

5:08 am.

His eyes felt sticky as he pried them open.  Having arrived at his brother’s home in Hondorus late the night before, he had hoped for a bit of time to sleep in.

“3:08 back home,” he spoke to the ceiling,”nothing like an early start to the day!”  And he jumped out of bed, forgetting in darkness of the room that he was in a bunk bed, and fell to the ground from the top bunk, waking his roommate and good friend, Jake Reynolds.

Jake made a sound somewhere between a laugh and grunt, and rolled over. Continue reading “A Glimpse – Part 2 | Luke In Honduras”