Take Time to Remember | Pray For Our Troops

I’ve been encouraged this week to hear about what they are doing in schools to teach kids why they wear the poppy.  Why we remember.  At my cousin’s children’s school they made a wall of hero’s to display photos of current and past soldiers.  The children brought in these photos.  Love this!

Take time to remember today, but also take time to pray for those currently serving.  And for their families.

Years ago I was on a missions trip to Miami, on our way home we had a short layover in another airport, I think it was Atlanta, but I can’t be too sure.  As the team and I waited for our flight, there were two American soldiers sitting across from us.  One walked away for a moment, and I struck up conversation with the one still sitting. 

I asked him if he was coming or going.  If I remember correctly, he was off for a bit of training and then was to be deployed.  I asked him if I could pray for him, he showed some surprise, and then said yes.  I prayed for his protection, for strength, for his wife and family that would be back in the US waiting for him.  That their marriage would stay strong.  I prayed blessing over him.  I can’t remember what he said after, but I remember him being thankful, and pleased by the conversation we had.  He asked about us, and I explained we had been ministering in Miami.

Shortly after I said amen their flight was called, and I saw the two soldiers talking in line.  The one I spoke with was talking to the other and motioned toward me.  Praying for him impacted him enough to share it.

Yes, this story is about me, a Canadian, thanking an American soldier for his service.  But I share this story as a reminder to pray for our troops – to tell them we are praying for them.

Thank you to those in service, and to all the families that stand behind you as you stand in front of us.

I came across this video today, and I will leave you with it.

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