The Day I Used My Kitchen Aid All Day Long | Cinnamon Bun Teaser

Disclaimer: there are no recipes in this post, just a lot of teasers.

Last week I set a new record for myself of kitchen aid use.  First, a double batch of sugar cookies (which will be mostly frozen for Christmas), then a double batch of pizza dough to make stromboli (you have to try Lauren’s Latest fail proof pizza dough recipe) followed up by what is usually a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, but this time we used a variety of berries.

And then I whipped up a triple batch of caesar salad dressing (although I did this in a regular mixing bowl)… in addition to feeling like I was cooking/baking ALL day (yes, this was all in one day), I felt like I was doing dishes ALL DAY.  I guess I sort of was…

One key I have found to make a day go so much smoother when you are parked in the kitchen for a marathon of recipes, is to clean up as you go.  Don’t start something new until the previous mess is cleaned up.  It’s not fun to start making something and realize all your measuring, spoons, cups, mixing bowls are dirty AND you have no counter space because your kitchen is a disaster.  No matter how big or small your kitchen is, or how many dishes you have eventually you have no choice but to do the dishes…

So the morning after my crazy kitchen day (which began really around 1 pm… the kids naptime) I really didn’t feel like doing dishes.  But there were a few left from the night before… since I didn’t have the motivation I guess to wash them for the next project, they didn’t get done right away… plus by this point it was after 10… so I said to my husband who just wanted to get it done after we had team-efforted (that’s not a word is it?) the cheesecake (he also assembled the stromboli), “Nope, time to relax for a few minutes, I’ll do these in the morning”… and I will… or maybe the afternoon.  I actually did do them in the morning… but then realized the cheesecake had made what had looked like a small mess the night before in to a must clean before next use kind of situation.  Thankfully I didn’t really need the oven for the day, so cleaning the oven could wait until after the kids where in bed for the night… and add to that a few days.  (You can laugh, I am.) we were away with family for the weekend (we brought the yummy cheesecake to my in laws for two special birthdays!).  Now we are back, and cleaning that oven is on my to do list for today.

And WHILE we’re finishing the cheesecake my amazing parents stop by with homemade cinnamon buns and fresh buns.  Oh. my. goodness.  Amazing.  So that’s how Ben and I relaxed, he with milk, me with peppermint tea and our cinnamon buns.

Here’s the teaser: my mom makes the BEST cinnamon buns I have ever tasted.  Her and I will be joining efforts to share that recipe here at Not Without My Morning Coffee.  So here’s some mouth watering photos of her creation, be sure to keep your eyes open for this amazing recipe to come soon-ish!



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