Bring It On Winter! But Please Be Kind

Winter truly seems to have begun here in eastern Canada.  Will it stay?  No one knows I guess, usually winter comes and goes, and last year we didn’t even have snow for Christmas.

Ben (that’s my hubby), came home from work yesterday with a sore back.  He looked liked an old man, so I took pity on him and convinced him that I really was capable of shovelling the drive way.  Between my dad and now Ben, I really haven’t had to shovel more than a handful of times… in my life.  He actually enjoys shovelling, or so he says…

Yes, I really am Canadian.

So my almost 4 year old and I went outside with our shovels and went to it.

Really, sometimes – often even – the boy managed to put snow back where I had just shovelled.

Insert groan…

We don’t have a huge driveway, maximum it could hold four vehicles, but it was hard work!  The things we do for those we love (aww… 🙂 ) My legs were hurting.  Not from strain, but from cold.  Mental note: buy snow pants to match the rest of the family… except Ben’s, no hunting camouflage for me thanks.  My cheeks burned.  Also cold.  My back hurt… now, that was from the work.

I was about three quarters done and wanted so bad to quit.  But I pushed through.  It felt AWESOME.  I did it!  I don’t know how he does it all winter long.

I came in feeling AMAZING!  I conquered the snowy drive way!  It was still snowing a bit, so there will be more tomorrow, but for now I DID IT!!!  I still can’t believe it!

But as amazing as I felt, I also felt… tired, sore and cold… I know, I know… poor baby.

I said to Ben, “you do that in 20 minutes!  I almost gave up”

To which he said, “you did it in 30”

Seriously?!  It felt like AT LEAST an hour.  But wow, 30 minutes?  I’m pretty amazing!

Ok so that was a win.  Not having boots that fit the almost 4 year old in time for the first decent snow fall?  A bit of a parent fail… parent win: Ben picking up a pair of Columbia winter boots way home for $30 on sale!  Great boots too, he loves them (and I’m not being paid to say that)!  Just in time to head out to do the drive way… or at least make snow angels while mommy does the drive way…

So as I was shovelling the drive and pre-writing this blog in my head I was thinking about the Proverbs 31 post I wrote a while back, you know the one about how she isn’t afraid of the snow ’cause she’s ready for it?  You can read the full post on that here.  Well, I was unprepared this year.  Winter came early.  Last year it didn’t set in until AFTER the new year.  Lesson learned.  We live in Canada… and winter can come anytime after thanksgiving (that’s October for us north of the border)… or just about whenever it wants…

Check out my friend, Kyla’s, youtube channel The D Squad and this awesome video she and her family made… this girl is known for her love of winter around here, it’s almost contagious, let me tell you.

I am.  I’m telling you.

Watch the clip!

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