Christmas Tree Fun

feelinglikechristmasMy almost 4 year old cannot contain himself.  He has been talking about Christmas for MONTHS and now the tree is up, and he CANNOT keep his hands off of it.

The almost 2 year old?  He’s pretty chill now, he actually listens when I say “no touch”… but the one I can usually reason with?  Ok, sometimes reason with?  Nope, he wants to play with the ornaments.  There’s a bird ornament, and he wants to pretend that the bird is eating the tree.  How do you explain to preschooler that a bird doesn’t eat the tree, but lives in the tree?  Oyh.

Anyway, after a week or two of wondering where we stored our tree (was it under the stairs? Or in the shed?  Or at my parents?) we found it last night.  Between the ornaments and the tree I think a bit was in all three places.  

By the time we got home – from a quick fast food supper (which we hardy ever do) picking up the box of ornaments we stored at my parents from last year, a stop at Bulk Barn for peanut cluster ingredients (recipe in development and soon to come) and picking up a new shower rod from Home Depot (ours broke Sunday morning right before we left for church) – it was almost 7.

So with 2 determined parents, one super ecstatic almost 4 year old, one slowly becoming overtired almost 2 year old, and some Bing Crosby playing, we got it done in a half hour ish.  That included getting the tree from the shed.  Bedtime might have been pushed off by a half hour.

Okay, I was in a bit of a friendly competition with my sister Cherie to have my tree up first… not really fair since she has to wait a week or so since her’s will be real.  But I won!  Ha!  (Love you sista!)

I love how iMessage keeps my family in constant communication… even though two sisters live a far distance away, as the Christmas decor has gone up, the photos have been sent.  Wish we could all be together for Christmas, but it is nice to be in touch!

So, it’s up, it feels like Christmas, it’s pretty, it’s cozy, and the chorus of “no, don’t touch” and “put that back on the tree” has begun.  All breakable ornaments are safely high up.

I’m behind on my to do list, but it’s no biggie.  I’ll putter away at it, and hopefully be done before the hubs last day at work before Christmas, if not, we will do it together.

As long as we get the shopping done a couple weeks before Christmas, I’ll be happy.  Will it happen?

Nobody knows…

Either way, ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year again.  Don’t forget to make memories, and remember Jesus is the reason for the season!


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2 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Fun

  1. I just took down fall and so I’m giving myself just a bit of time before we Christmasfy the house. While I think of lugging down boxes and hauling tree parts, my 13 year old is quite eager to get to it – so I have a feeling I won’t be holding off for long. Merry almost Christmas – and indeed – I’m purposing to keep Jesus at the center!


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