Two Weeks Until Christmas Eve! (Try Not To PANIC!)

Is anyone else being carried away by December?  We only have ONE MORE SATURDAY until Christmas!!!!  What?!

Confession… I’m behind… are you?  I’m just getting over a cold, and we ran out of eucalyptus oil just as it set in.  Nooo!!!! Eucalyptus essential oil is a staple around here (I like DoTerra, yes it’s expensive, but it’s pure… that’s why the price tag).  Just two drops under the feet, pull socks on, do this until sniffles are gone, or maybe a day extra just to be sure.  There are four of us in this house, and two of us have needed a lot of antibiotics for sinus and chest infections in the past, but eucalyptus oil changed that.  That and prayer.  Since we started around March of this year, no one in this house has needed antibiotics.  (If some background on this is of interest to you, reader, please comment and I’ll give some great essential oil tips I’ve learned.)  Anyway, it has felt like I just can’t kick this cold.  As a result, I haven’t made enough damage on my baking list, in fact my entire to do list has been effected.  No matter how well you plan ahead, in the end it will be what it will be.  But my oils arrived today!  I’m thrilled, to say the least.

I don’t know about you but I find my best work is done when I’m rested, not sick, and having had some good devotions.  Okay, let’s be honest, I’m rarely rested, but definitely my best work comes while not sick and even more definitely when I’m diligent with devotions.

One day this week I put aside my computer, my phone, and focused in on prayer, housework and quality time with the kids.  No distractions.  Even as bloggers it’s important not to let the internet rule our lives. In fact, maybe especially is a better word.   Thursday was a great day of seeking the Lord, and my, did it end up being productive!  And who doesn’t love productive days?!

In the midst of business don’t forget to enjoy the wonderful moments you have planned to share with family and friends.  Today I got to spend time shopping with a great friend.  We had already been to a few stores at another location, and then were headed to the mall.  What is normally a five minute drive turned into AN HOUR!!!  Seriously AN HOUR!  But you know what is a show of great friendship?  We weren’t stressed, we just talked and had a great time.  The traffic seemed crazy even for this time of year, and we found out five minutes after entering the mall why.  We ran into our friend who works the counter – the mall had just been evacuated due to a potential fire in the food court!  Wow no wonder it took an hour to get there!  She also introduced us to the amazing scent La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum.  I tried it out, and I can still smell it from spraying it on earlier today.  Love.

Anyway, we didn’t get our to do list done (made a dent though), but having a girls day and leaving our little ones with our hubbies was SO refreshing.

And a wonderful way to end the day?  Time with family… not just us, my sister her family and my parents.  Laughter, way too much food and great memories.  Who says you have to wait until “Christmas” to have Christmas?

I think now I might finish my shopping on amazon.  Not tonight though.

Don’t panic… Two weeks from tonight it’s Christmas Eve!

I said don’t panic!  Enjoy this song, maybe you’ll be less stressed… oh your not stressed?  Okay that makes one of us!

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