Time Flies When You’re Having Birthday Fun

I’m pooped.  Birthday celebrations are officially over, and the same week as a certain little birthday boy went from being a regular napper to an occasional napper.  But it’s really been a great week.  Literally.  We celebrated a week ago with amazing family that went above and beyond, and of course today with his cute little friends.

So there you have it, my three year old became a four year old… it took a few days, but he finally accepts that he’s 4 (took a bit of work to realize that 3 was over and not nearly as cool as 4).  All his little friends left from his first real “kid party” and mommy and daddy are totally zonked… it’s a wonder really that I’m having energy at all to blog this.

As I was planning for his kid party, I looked on pinterest, had a few games ready to go, some ideas to make it extra fun, extra pinteresty…  In the end, all they really wanted to do was play with toys and eat food.  So the games didn’t really happen, and really, if they don’t care, I’m not going to loose sleep over it.  I think the day was a success.  Some mom’s do an amazing job of having a special theme, creative DIY projects, all that… I’m not that mom.  I’d say my way is more simplistic.  I appreciate those mom’s… but I won’t be winning any “nailed it” pinterest tries.  My award would be for keeping it simple.  Fun… but simple.

Simple is good.  Cupcakes for the friend party.

But enough about the celebration… let’s talk about the birthday boy.

When did this boy

Photo Credit: Pure Joy Photography

Become this boy?

Photo Credit: Memere

Handsome young man, even at 4.  My heart is filled with so much love for both our boys.

Brothers.  Jojo was in his “I will not look at the camera stage, not even for you, mom”

This year feels like a big milestone for me as mom.  This is the year he starts school.  That’s a huge change.  Not to mention the occasional napper thing… I have been home with him since he was a baby, never a part from him for more than three days (needed get aways with the hubbie while the boys hung out with grandparents).

And now he’s going to school.

Okay, not NOW but in 8 months.

Life is ever changing with little ones.  Just when you get use to a season, it changes.

So with the transition of school approaching, all I can think about is all the things I need to teach him, all I need to do to prepare him for the big world of junior kindergarten.

Change is inevitable, little man.  Whether you like it or not, buddy… you’re 4.

Sometimes we aren’t quite ready for change or to call it what it is.  He’s excited about all of the benefits of turning 4… like cake, new presents, new privileges (not sure what those will be, except for the changes to his naps…).  But still want’s to say he’s 3 sometimes.  Food for thought.  Time goes by so fast.  Have you ever heard the saying with little ones the days are long and the years are short?  I feel that now.

And his younger brother looks on thinking this birthday business is lame.  Thankfully his birthday is coming up soon so we can fuss over him just as much.

And the hubbie?  He’s having fun building the lego.  Men become big kids when there’s lego to be built, I’ve discovered.  Am I right?

I’m proud of the boy our little man is.  And although  sometimes it feels like time goes to fast, I find myself excited to be in this new stage with Jojo (a nickname).  He laughs at jokes he didn’t use to, he takes on a bit more responsibility (emphasis on a bit).  This week we took the boys to an indoor play centre and both boys had changed so much since our last time there.  Both were far more independent, listened better, played together better.

This isn’t a mommy blog… but since I am both mommy and a blogger it’s natural that the two will interweave from time to time.

So on that note…

Happy birthday day little man.  Mommy and daddy love you pumpkin, we are so thankful God gave you to us.

And so glad these birthdays only come once a year.





6 thoughts on “Time Flies When You’re Having Birthday Fun

  1. So sweet! 4 is such a fun age. I stood in the kitchen last night and rested my head on my sons shoulder. My once 4 year old is on the cusp of 14 and shooting up taller every day. Cherish every moment because they grow up SO fast!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved your post, Amy, about Jojo’s birthday! We celebrate our sweet handsome four year old grandson!! Loved the memories sweet pics!! …. He’s growing so fast …… savouring the moments!! ….. Little Ethan has had quite a week celebrating big brother, Jojo!! It’ll be fun celebrating his bday soon!!
    Love Mom

    Liked by 1 person

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