Somebody Pinch Me… Is My 2 Year Old Potty Trained?

Nothing makes you feel as successful as training a child to use the potty.

For those of you who have never had the pleasure, let me tell you how my Tuesday played out.

My two year old has been showing an immense interest in the potty as of late (the past few weeks) – it might be from observing his older brother using it.  However it happened, I found the two-year-old made up his mind that it was time.  His idea, not mine, as I am actually exceptionally tired from an amazing Canada weekend featuring The Cry, and time with family and friends.

But Tuesday came and I braced myself for cleaning up pee and poo as I put my courageous two year old into underwear – yes underwear, not pull ups.  Pull ups when potty training are only for sleeping and leaving the house.  If you want a successful potty training week, use real underwear.

This is actually our second if not third try at potty training him.  The other times he was interested, we took our cue from him, but he wasn’t committed.  And I wasn’t going to force the issue until we knew he was ready.

Less messes this way.


Tuesday he sat on the potty about a thousand times… rough estimate… maybe an exaggeration… (90% of the time by his own initiative)… and went potty successfully five times before nap time, and had two half wins (we still have to nail #2…) and three baths.  All this happened before nap time.

You better believe I napped too!!!   What. a. morning.

Wednesday came and you know what?  I think he was actually trained.  I kept him in a pull up all day ’cause we just had a busy day, but it stayed dry… all. day. long.


Today is Thursday, and though he had one wet pull up in the course of Costco/heading over to my moms, it was an exceptional day.  Crazy, busy, crazy awesome day.

Seriously, is my almost two and half year old potty trained?

I wish I could take credit for this, but I think he almost trained himself!  I mean, I put him in pull ups for two days strait, and it still happened.  Sure I gave him smarties and reeces smartie looking things… but only half the time.  He didn’t seem to care a whole lot.  As long as we cheered, he was thrilled.

So I am excited for this new season with two potty trained kiddos… I think I’m still in a bit of shock… someone please pinch me if I’m sleeping???

What they say is true… each kid is different.  I thought our older boy was pretty easy to train when he was ready at just barely three, which seems to be the going age for boys… but I have also heard – and now have learned first hand – that the 2nd boy is a lot easier to train just because they want to be a big boy too!  (The firstborn needed the bribery to sit on the potty… he would sit there for a half our with chocolate milk and an oreo, and was trained in a few days.  Sorry if that grosses you out.  It worked.)

I think they chose their own methods…

Aside from a great example in his older bro, this guy just needed to experience a few potty misses, eat some chocolate in reward of a job well done, and have his own cheering section.

I hope you enjoyed this play by play of our potty training experience, and maybe you have even learned a thing or two about potty training a two year old boy.

Have you potty trained a little one?  What worked for you?


3 thoughts on “Somebody Pinch Me… Is My 2 Year Old Potty Trained?

  1. I feel relieved for you, Amy. It can be quite unpleasant to change the diaper of a 2 year old and expensive. I’m so glad that you and your boys are coming into a new chapter of your lives. You will enjoy the “no diaper” stage a lot. Love ya


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