First Week of Jk Behind Us and A Little Announcement

Well folks, our first week of junior kindergarten is behind us.  I doubt that I have ever known a youngster to love jk more than my kid.

Seriously.  He was a bit put off that he couldn’t go tomorrow… which is Saturday.  Aren’t kids supposed to be stoked for Saturday?

From my last post you may know that J’s first day of school I was awake at 4:30 am.  You’ll be happy to know that I not only survived the day but that I also put grumpiness away around 6:30… especially once realizing that my husbands sleep was just as sabotaged as my own.  The kids slept past 7… seriously, the only time that happened all week.  And J LOVES school!  Yes!  E, our youngest, is seriously missing his older bro and I am now in full swing of finding playdates, and in full cheer up mode every morning.  It’s devastating.  I’m not sure which is harder for E… that J is in school and not home, or that E can’t be in school too.  Did I mention we almost forgot E at the school?  Well, I did, not my hubby.  I walked out of J’s class forgetting E who had gathered on the floor for story time with the jk’s.  My husband said to me, “um, Amy are we missing somebody?”

Sorry buddy, not just yet. 🙂

My re-launch for the blog is going to be put off for a little while, and that’s okay.  I do have some really exciting things coming up though!

In the coming months I’m going to be launching a 23 week series of the Proverbs 31 series entitled WORTH MORE THAN RUBIES.  I put out a shell of this series before, but I have fine tuned this and I am SO excited to share it with all of you in 23 consecutive weeks.  I was going to publish it in ebook form, but I have changed courses to make it more available to all of you.  More on that to come!

Hope you have had a great week, readers!


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