Out of the Ordinary – That doesn’t Even Cover it (A Book Review)



I’m not sure I was prepared for this book.  I mean, I have read many historical fiction pieces.  In fact, historical fiction might just be my favourite genre.  But this novel fell under more than one category.  Mystery, romance and comedy would definitely have worked as well.

Out of the Ordinary is the first novel I’ve read by author Jen Turano.  The next time I’m looking for a light read, one that is sure to have me laughing out loud and all but forcing my husband to hear the odd line or two, I might just have to see what else she has come out with.  I won’t have to look far, since Out of the Ordinary is actually second in the Apart From the Crowd series.   The debut book to the series (in case you want to pick it up) is called Behind the Scenes.  Unfortunately I didn’t have time to get my hands on that one before reading the sequel, so I was at a bit of a disadvantage.  However, I was caught up to speed easily by the author’s great ability to pull the reader along and fill in any blanks I was wondering about.

Are you wondering why I wasn’t prepared for this book?  I guess this is a good moment for a spoiler alert!  Just a bit anyway.

Well, for one thing, it was incredibly fast moving.  With exception to the epilogue, this entire book covered only one week!  And in that time poor dear Miss Gertrude Cadwalader (the leading lady) had half a birdcage strapped to her rear end to create an absurd bustle, captured Harrison’s heart (although that I suppose had already happened before the book began), she was arrested for theft, helped catch the real thief, quit her job, got a new job, and even managed to find time get some pretty intense and much needed inner healing.  Forgiving of oneself was a bit of a theme amongst two of the main characters.  I’m trying not to spoil everything here, so I won’t apologize for being a tiny bit vague.

The leading gentleman – Harrison – in this story I found both incredibly odd and charming at the same time.  A man that seemed to be a wonderful Christian gentleman, brother to three sisters, an expert where boats were concerned (and thus the family business), the most ridiculous (and yet hilarious) dresser you can imagine, and not caught up in his own ego even though Harrison could have been considering he was considered great marriage material by many young maid… and spinster a like.  Inspite of his terrible tastes in clothes.   One scene had him looking like cotton candy, another had him in orange, pink, another had him in mixing patterns… you get the point.

This book had so many twists and turns, but you’ll have to read those for yourself.  Get ready for a book filled with silliness, socially awkward moments, moments that might make you tear, and moments when you might want to say “come already, Harrison”.

And then there’s Mrs. Davenport.  It’s very obvious from the very start that this woman is one with sticky hands, if you catch my drift.  And you have lots of time to get to know this odd and… busy… lady since Gertrude is her companion.  You’ll love Mrs. Davenport.  Other times, you’ll not like her at all.

You may throw the book.

And then pick it up because you just have to know what happens next.

My absolute favourite part of the book was the epilogue.  It was not at all what I was expecting, and was by far the most sentimental, heart warming, tear jerking moment in the entire novel.  And, it didn’t even feature Gertrude.

Are you intrigued?

And there you have it!  My very first book review is behind me, and I’m on to the next.

Speaking of next… I’m so excited to get reading Probing, from the Harbinger series, by Frank Peretti,‎ Bill Myers,‎ Angela Hunt,‎ Alton Gansky!  Feel free to grab your copy on amazon and read along with me!

probing_harbinger_seriesI received a complimentary copy of “Out of the Ordinary”, however I was not compensated for this review. All thoughts and opinions in this review are my own.

One thought on “Out of the Ordinary – That doesn’t Even Cover it (A Book Review)

  1. I enjoyed reading your review Amy ….
    It sounded very fast moving and lots of drama. Out of the ordinary sounded like a fitting title for the book. You managed to create interest and curiosity without divulging too much of the story line, sounded like there were a few interesting characters for sure!


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