Happy New Year! What’s Coming Up…

Happy New Year readers!

My family and I just returned a few days ago from the warm (or was warm) Florida… now I hear it’s a bit cooler. But it can’t be nearly as bad as the -25 celsius but feels like -33 celsius weather we have here in Ontario.  It’s so cold, you walk out and you feel like you just took a huge sip of a ice cold slushy.  That’s right.  Brain freeze.  Cause you went outside.  Welcome to Canada!

I have decided that, seeing as we seem to be having a much colder than usual winter, this is a great season for me to hide away in my house with my family and write!  And read.  I’m loving this new venture of reviewing books for Bethany House.  But more than that I’m loving this new 52 week Bible reading program I’ve started.  You can down load a copy if you’d like here.  I’m pumped to read my Bible through this year.  Last year was more of a year for study of certain subjects (one being the Proverbs 31 woman).  Do you have a plan for scripture reading this year?

I have quite a few posts in the works… recipes for biscuits, maple bbq chicken, a couple of vegetarian recipes, I have new review coming your way MONDAY Continue reading “Happy New Year! What’s Coming Up…”

Why We Remember On November 11th

Here in Canada it is Remembrance Day.  November 11th at 11:11 am people all across this nation stop what they are doing for a moment of silence to remember the lives lost in line of duty.  Many attend parades or services, we wear a poppy on our shirts and coats, kids are taught in their schools the importance of this day.

Photo credit: wikipedia

It’s about honouring.  Honouring our servicemen and women past and present.

Because today is Saturday, my four year old, attended his first Remembrance Day assembly at school yesterday (on the 10th).  He has been singing his own rendition of Oh Canada all week.  He’s still working on the correct Continue reading “Why We Remember On November 11th”

If They Can Climb Onto It, They Will Jump Off Of It #boys

You may have figured this out by now, but we have two boys.  Ages 2 and 4.

I think I have more grey hair in the last month alone from these two turkeys.  Just kidding.  I mean, I hope not, I really don’t want more grey hair.  #truth.

Recently we had a day.  A day where my heart beat quicker with every acrobatic stunt they pulled.

I was tempted to put a show on for them because I was getting tired of saying “don’t step on him”, “don’t sit on your brother’s face!”, “don’t jump off that”, and to my utter terror “tuck your head when Continue reading “If They Can Climb Onto It, They Will Jump Off Of It #boys”

Cinnamon Buns | From Lilly’s Kitchen

My mom  and I have been talking for a while now about posting the most amazing cinnamon bun recipe to my blog (I’m a little biased… it’s my mom’s recipe).  Long awaited, and it’s here!!!

This is the first, but in no way the last, original recipe from my mom that I’ll be posting to my blog.  We are going to call her recipes “Lilly’s Kitchen”.

If you came across this post by accident, count yourself very blessed, my friend.

I’ll pass this post over to my beautiful mama now to give you this wonderful gift to you and your family… Continue reading “Cinnamon Buns | From Lilly’s Kitchen”

Time Flies When You’re Having Birthday Fun

I’m pooped.  Birthday celebrations are officially over, and the same week as a certain little birthday boy went from being a regular napper to an occasional napper.  But it’s really been a great week.  Literally.  We celebrated a week ago with amazing family that went above and beyond, and of course today with his cute little friends.

So there you have it, my three year old became a four year old… it took a few days, but he finally accepts that he’s 4 (took a bit of work to realize that 3 was over and not nearly as cool as 4).  All his little friends left from his first real “kid party” and mommy and daddy are totally zonked… it’s a wonder really that I’m having energy at all to blog this.

As I was planning for his kid party, I looked on pinterest, had a few games ready to go, some ideas to make it extra fun, extra pinteresty…  In the end, all they really wanted to do was play with toys and eat food.  So the games didn’t really happen, and really, if they don’t care, I’m not going to loose sleep over it.  I think the day was a success.  Some mom’s do an amazing job of having a special theme, creative DIY projects, all that… I’m not that mom.  I’d say my way is more simplistic.  I appreciate those mom’s… but I won’t Continue reading “Time Flies When You’re Having Birthday Fun”

Chicken Barley Soup|Ben’s Recipe

Do you like new soup recipes as much as I do?  I have one for you.

This is the first of many posts to come featuring one of my husband Ben’s recipes (no pressure honey!).  He doesn’t love when I brag on him too much in this regard, but this guy really does know his way around the kitchen.  This guy can cook and bake.  I’m spoiled.  I took one spoonful of this chicken barley soup, eyes closed, and savoured.  2 Bowls at lunch and we pretty much finished it off at supper time.

Delicious.  Yum.  I want more.

If you are looking for a quick ish and pretty easy recipe for chicken soup, you have to try this one featuring pearl barley.  Wherever you are in the world, whether you have snow (as we do here) or not… or if you just love soups, do yourself a favour and try this soup recipe! Continue reading “Chicken Barley Soup|Ben’s Recipe”

Christmas Tree Fun

feelinglikechristmasMy almost 4 year old cannot contain himself.  He has been talking about Christmas for MONTHS and now the tree is up, and he CANNOT keep his hands off of it.

The almost 2 year old?  He’s pretty chill now, he actually listens when I say “no touch”… but the one I can usually reason with?  Ok, sometimes reason with?  Nope, he wants to play with the ornaments.  There’s a bird ornament, and he wants to pretend that the bird is eating the tree.  How do you explain to preschooler that a bird doesn’t eat the tree, but lives in the tree?  Oyh.

Anyway, after a week or two of wondering where we stored our tree (was it under the stairs? Or in the shed?  Or at my parents?) we found it last night.  Between the ornaments and the tree I think a bit was in all three places.   Continue reading “Christmas Tree Fun”