She Put Her Baby In a Basket… In A River

she put her baby in a river a devotional
In the beginning of the book of Exodus we read of the absolute horror of what the king has decreed.  He wanted to destroy the Israelites.  He wanted to wipe out the male babies.  He first ordered the Jewish midwives to deal with the “problem” as he saw, but this heinous king didn’t know who he was messing with.  No.  It wasn’t going to be that easy.  The midwives feared the Lord and would not do this awful thing, and so he had to do it through ordering that the babies be thrown into the river.

As I write that, my heart breaks and my stomach wants to expel the lunch that I ate with my own two year old son a few hours ago.

What kind of heartless, horrible, savage man was this awful king to make such an order?  He was evil.  Unbelievably evil.

Why?  Why did he want to wipe out the Israelites Continue reading “She Put Her Baby In a Basket… In A River”

Why An Inspirational Blog?

With so many blogs out there (lifestyle, training, fitness, finance, food, DIYs, to name a few) it really took me a while to determine what kind of blog this was going to be.

So why an Inspirational Blog?

I’m so glad you asked!

My hope is that every time someone finishes reading one of my posts, they feel encouraged.  With so much negativity and turmoil in the world, I feel this is my little spot to speak life.  That doesn’t mean that I will necessarily shy away from talking about hard things, but my hope is that I can bring a different perspective.

I love reading – the Bible, I read a fair bit of fiction (when time allows), I enjoy devotionals, and teaching books (John & Lisa Bevere are some of my favourite teachers/authors, along with Joyce Meyer and others).  I find a lot of the Christian fiction I read is labeled “inspirational fiction”, but the most inspiring thing I have ever read is Continue reading “Why An Inspirational Blog?”

Rewind 15 Years|How Singing to Him Rescued Me

Rewind 15 Years, Give Or Take

Everyone deals with things differently.  As a teenager, I dealt with hurt and disappointments with anger.  At fourteen or fifteen I was hired for my first job, and it was a good one.  I probably should have stuck with it.  But, eventually I applied for a waitressing position at a local Chinese food restaurant.  I really loved that job… what I loved best about it was the menu, not gonna lie.  Yum.

At first I was told I would only have to work one Sunday a month… but it ended up being the exact opposite.  As in, only one Sunday a month off.  I didn’t really care at the time, however, since I didn’t really care to go to church at the time.

My parents have been in the ministry all my life.  But when I was in grade ten, my dad resigned from the church he was pastoring and took a position assisting his former assistant/youth pastor.  Pretty cool.  He’s been doing that now for almost fifteen years.

So back to fifteen year old me.  This was a time when I let my standards go in terms of movie watching and music listening.  I remember a specific movie I watched at a friend’s house – doesn’t matter what it was called, but it was a horror movie – I only watched for about 20 minutes.  At the time I had a bedroom in the basement, all by myself…

What is it about basements after watching scary movies?  Ohya, it’s the basement.  And the scary movie.  Right. Continue reading “Rewind 15 Years|How Singing to Him Rescued Me”

A Glimpse – Part 2 | Luke In Honduras


(Click Here to Read A Glimpse Part 1)


A rooster crowed followed by the sound of what had to have been at least half a dozen dogs fighting over their breakfast.

Luke groaned and reached for his watch.

5:08 am.

His eyes felt sticky as he pried them open.  Having arrived at his brother’s home in Hondorus late the night before, he had hoped for a bit of time to sleep in.

“3:08 back home,” he spoke to the ceiling,”nothing like an early start to the day!”  And he jumped out of bed, forgetting in darkness of the room that he was in a bunk bed, and fell to the ground from the top bunk, waking his roommate and good friend, Jake Reynolds.

Jake made a sound somewhere between a laugh and grunt, and rolled over. Continue reading “A Glimpse – Part 2 | Luke In Honduras”

What Will You Look Like November 9th, America?

November 8th is fast approaching, the day when the next American President will be elected.  Most Americans have likely already made their decision by this point.  And those minds cannot be easily changed no matter what political campaigns come up with, what the media promotes, what accusations they make.  And there seems to be a lot of accusations all over the place.  You just have to watch Fox News or CNN for five minutes to find that out.

In October 2015 we Canadians voted as you Americans will be doing in just over a week.  I was shocked that Stephen Harper wasn’t reelected. To me he was the ideal, the obvious choice.  Great family values, really brought our country’s financial security into a more comfortable place (his specialty is economics), I appreciated his views on life beginning at conception.   Continue reading “What Will You Look Like November 9th, America?”

What’s Stealing Your Peace| 10 Steps to Getting it Back

Do you walk in peace everyday, all day?  Once you’ve found that peace, do you stay in that peace?  Have you ever really, truly, experienced real inner peace?

Well, if you struggle to stay in peace consistently, this post is for you.  I really hope I can get this out the way God has given it to me.

Life is real.  Let’s face it.  Everyone faces trials in their lives, everyone faces hardship, everyone has hurts and regrets.  Some are big, some are small.  But we all have them.  Who are we to judge if someone is in more or less pain than the next?  Only God really knows what goes on in hearts and minds.


We must show compassion to one another.  Which means we must be HEALED.  We cannot love completely while still hurting.  It’s been said, hurt people hurt people.  We need to come along side each other and carry one another through the hard times instead of judging.  Broken people need healing, love and compassion… Continue reading “What’s Stealing Your Peace| 10 Steps to Getting it Back”

Happy Thanksgiving | I Will Exult in the Lord

Well, it’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.  The leaves are turning beautiful colours, the air is beautifully crisp first thing in the morning, the days are getting shorter, too hot for a coat but just perfect for a sweater.

Yes, I love the fall.


Just one thing that’s missing.  All of the family we love so much.  My heart aches to see all who are missing separated by distance across the country, even the continent.  But I’m so incredibly thankful for my parents, my sister and her family that live near us, along with many wonderful friends. Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving | I Will Exult in the Lord”