God’s Not Dead 2

If you haven’t seen it, you need to.

My favourite line of the movie was this: “Atheism doesn’t take away the pain, just the hope.”  That’s the truth.  (I hope I have that exactly right I’m going by memory).

Here’s a trailer for a teaser.  I wish it had the part when her students sing to her at her house… so moving!

I have to say I was a little surprised that Melissa Joan Hart (yes, she played Sabrina in Sabrina the teenage witch, no I didn’t really watch it).

But she was amazing in God’s Not Dead 2.  It had me teary, at times frustrated, excited…. I’m sure I wanted to throw something a dozen times.  I studied to be a Law Clerk in college (okay, okay, I only got halfway through before Continue reading “God’s Not Dead 2”

Through Laney’s Eyes

Through Laney’s Eyes
From notwithoutmymorningcoffee.com

Thursday morning, her eyes shown with love that only a little girl could have for her daddy from where Laney watched from the window.

Daddy’s home, Mommy, and it’s not even lunchtime!” Lane shouted.  Three years old and full of life, always smiling, always dancing, Laney loved her Daddy and waited daily for this moment.

Usually she would run at him before he even had a chance to shut the door.

But today even her three year old self could tell something wasn’t right.  Daddy’s gaze was down, not looking at her and smiling that special smile. Continue reading “Through Laney’s Eyes”

One Day In August

Disclaimer: be prepared for sentiment sap and love.  If you can handle it, read on.

Five.  That’s how many years my husband and I celebrate this month.  Now, to those of you who are veterans of this thing called marriage, that might not seem like very long.  That’s okay, this is our moment though, so bare with us newlyweds (we can still be newlyweds at five years right?). Continue reading “One Day In August”


Psalm 71:8

My mouth is filled with Your praise
And with Your glory all day long.

A great book on this is The Purpose and Power of Praise and Worship by Myles Munroe.  This is a book I had to read when I was in Bible School.  Really good.

I haven’t yet posted in response to the daily prompts on wordpress… but today’s prompt is praise.  I happen to love “Praise”.  So even though I don’t have a lot of time right now, here’s a nugget for you.

Praise is about lifting up the name of Lord for all to hear.  Praise is not something that has to involve music, but it is fun when it does!  The Bible says in Luke 19:40 [paraphrased] that if we don’t praise Him, even the rocks will cry out.  The rocks will praise Him if we don’t!  He is worthy to be praised!  God is so good, I can’t help but praise Him and thank Him for who He is and How He loves us. Continue reading “Praise”

A Glimpse – Short Story Part 1


A Glimpse
A Short Story
From notwithoutmymorningcoffee.com


There He sat, the Father, on His throne.  Always on His throne.  The throneAnd yet, He was and is and will always be everywhere, omnipresent God.  The Father looked over the entire world, the world He created, and all within it.

Hearts broken.  Children starving.  Sin rampant.  People once following Him, now turned away from Him.  His heart quenched in pain,  Continue reading “A Glimpse – Short Story Part 1”

Easy Homemade Chicken Strips

These chicken fingers are so easy, and so tasty.  This is a variation of chicken that my mom has been making for years.  So good.  And only 5 ingredients.  This recipe is very simple, I have sometimes done the more complicated breading with 4 step process (coat with marinade, coat with flour, coat with egg, coat with bread crumbs) but it takes quite a while and your clean up is doubled.  This recipe I find makes a nice breading and crispiness without all the hassle.  And we all love it, my kids included!

I serve them with potatoes (and sweet potatoes if I have them on hand) and my homemade honey dill sauce.  I find by cutting them into strips your chicken goes so much further, and they’re somehow juicier and crispier than when I do this recipe with whole chicken breasts.  Or maybe I’m just a big kid and I like chicken strips…


The photos here are using 4 chicken breasts, it fed my husband and I, our little ones (who are 3 and 1, so not huge servings, together they had about 3 strips), and we all had it again for Sunday lunch after church the next day!  And we still had 2 strips left over.

Note:  This chicken can be stored in an air tight container for three days in the fridge, or up to three months in the freezer, in a freezer ziplock bag.  If frozen, I suggest reheating 375 degrees fahrenheit, for 20-25 minutes.

There’s a printable version at the end of the recipe.  Enjoy!

Serves 6-8 People.

What you’ll need:
4-6 Chicken Breasts
1/2 Cup Italian, Ranch or Caesar Dressing, approximately
1 1/2 Cup Italian Style Bread Crumbs with Romano Cheese, approximately
Salt & Pepper
Large cookie sheet
Parchment paper (Or tin foil, but I find parchment paper doesn’t stick to the chicken as much)


1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees fahrenheit.  Place parchment paper over cookie sheet (not really necessary, but the chicken fingers don’t stick this way, and HELLO, just a quick wash for that cookie sheet instead of a work out with you and your scrubber in the sink… your welcome).

2.  In a medium sized bowl 1/2 cup of salad dressing.  I usually use ranch, this time I used Italian salad dressing by the Olive Garden that I purchased at Costco.  You might need to add a bit depending… I used 4 large chicken breasts.

3.  On a cutting board, cut the chicken breasts in to strips, length wise.  Toss them in the bowl with the dressing.  Before you mix it around, lightly salt and pepper the chicken.  Now mix it around to coat the chicken with salad dressing.


4. Next, pour 1 and 1/2 cups of bread crumbs over chicken.  Mix around to coat chicken.

5. With a fork place chicken fingers on the cookie sheet.  Scrape all of leftover crumbs in the bowl onto chicken strips.

6. Cook at 425 degrees fahrenheit for the first 15 minutes, reduce heat to 400 fahrenheit for about 30 more minutes or until chicken is no longer pink on the inside.


Serve with honey dill sauce, or whatever suits your fancy!


Note: You can also just keep them as full chicken breast if you prefer, just increase the cooking time for an extra 15-20 minutes approximately or until no longer pink in the middle.

Click Recipe Below to Download Printable:

Easy Homemade Chicken Strips Printable