Through Laney’s Eyes

Thursday morning, her eyes shown with love that only a little girl could have for her daddy from where Laney watched from the window.

Daddy’s home, Mommy, and it’s not even lunchtime!” Lane shouted.  Three years old and full of life, always smiling, always dancing, Laney loved her Daddy and waited daily for this moment.

Usually she would run at him before he even had a chance to shut the door.

But today even her three year old self could tell something wasn’t right.  Daddy’s gaze was down, not looking at her and smiling that special smile.

Laney waited to run at him, but the door opened slowly and Daddy’s arms were full, holding a box of things.  She recognized the picture sticking out of the box of her with Mommy and Daddy that had been on Daddy’s desk at work.

And as Daddy placed the box on the floor, she saw a picture she had made for him that she had given him just yesterday.

Daddy’s eyes were sad.

“John?” Mommy called from the kitchen.

“Here, darling,” he said and finally he looked at Laney’s uncertain blue eyes.

He held out his big Daddy arms, and she ran into them.

Instead of picking her up, throwing her in the air and making her laugh, he sat on the floor and held her on his lap, leaning against the wall.

Mommy came around the corner, leaned against the doorframe that led to the kitchen, crossed her arms, her eyes closed and something wet fell onto her cheeks.

Laney didn’t understand.

“Mommy, why crying?”  Laney asked.

But Mommy just gave her something that looked a bit like a smile, although her eyes still did not smile, and Daddy’s arms lifted Laney and he walked over to Mommy and pulled her into his strong arms.

“So it happened?”  Mommy was saying.

“What happened?  Laney asked, eyes going from Mommy to Daddy and back again.

Daddy nodded, “Yes, they closed the plant.”

“What now, we have a baby on the way, what will we do?” Mommy asked.

Laney put a little hand to Daddy’s chin, and moved his face until he was looking at her, “What’s a plant?” She asked.

Daddy smiled, and it almost looked like a real smile.

“Don’t worry about it sweetheart.  God has not failed us yet.”  Daddy’s eyes met Mommy’s, “He will look after us.”

“Oh, like a tree!” Laney said, “Yes, God can make us a tree, right Mommy?”

That made Mommy and Daddy laugh for real and their eyes looked a little less sad.

Daddy touched Mommy’s belly which had been getting very round like a balloon lately, Laney didn’t quite understand why, except somehow they said her baby sister was growing inside there.

Daddy’s phone rang, and he set Laney on the floor so he could dig it out of his pocket.


Laney went with Mommy into the kitchen for a snack, Mommy peeled a banana, while Laney climbed onto the chair.

Still not sure why or how someone would close a tree or any other kind of plant, and why God needed it to take care of them.

“Monday morning?”

Daddy and Mommy were looking at each other, Daddy’s eyes looked really happy this time.

Mommy’s eyes looked like they were asking a question, her hand covering her mouth.

“Mommy, banana please?” Laney reached up her little hand just barely able to grab the banana from mommy’s hand a bit of a ways away.

Daddy was writing something on a piece of paper, and talking quickly to the person on the phone.

Finally he hung up, placed his phone on the counter.

“Well?”  Mommy asked.

“My old boss, he said I was the best accountant he’s worked with, and one of his best workers, he set up an interview for me, sounds pretty promising!”

“Howard?  That old grouch?”  Mommy said.

“I guess he wasn’t so bad after all,” Daddy said, smiling.  He must have been itchy, ’cause he was scratching the back of his head.

Mommy chuckled, and started making lunch.  “Sometimes God uses the least likely person.”

Daddy sat next to Laney at the table, “So, Miss Laney, we have a few days together, what should we do?”

Lacey’s mouth was full of banana, so she just let her eyes do the talking.


Psalm 121:1,2 NKJV
I will lift up my eyes to the hills—
From whence comes my help?
My help comes from the Lord,
Who made heaven and earth.